2021 Italian Open Scores

Great weather and good times, glad the pins are there only once a year.

Good scores for lots of teams

Closest to the pin
Spencer Marquise, 29'11" #3 Gold
Barry Scales, 6'6" #17 P/G

Next is NEXT SATURDAY the 18th for the Business Meeting Open. Registration closes on MONDAY.

Men's Club Board election is open and all members are encouraged to vote, ballot is on the home page.

Flight 1    Flight 2   
1Dave Nilan60$60 Each1Michael Skonovd60$60 Each
Andrew HughanSteve Akers
Vince McEvoyBruce Lay
Joe Parisi
2Dave Fernandez61$52.50 Each2Colm Conefrey62$52.50 Each
Greg SarrattDennis McCarthy
Larry DrewPaddy Daly
Marc AllynRandy Henderson
3Tracy Barbatti62$40 Each3John Lloyd62$40 Each
Rick RabelloGus Allegri
Spenser MarquissDan O'Connor
Dave InouyeRich Martinez

Summer Shamble Results


Summer is winding down with just a few tournaments left, thank you to all the players today!

Some really good scores out there today. Had to go to a tie breaker for second flight!

Closest to the pin - Gold - Larry Drew 14'4" - Paid $25
Closest to the pin - P/G - Bob Stock 6'5" - Paid $25

We have a missing 6 Iron, please check your bags for a wayward 6 iron, thank you.

Next up the very popular Italian Open - 4-man scramble, sign up early as there are a maximin number of players allowed. Go to the Tournament Schedule page to register.

Long and straight everyone!
Flight 1   Flight 2   
1Bednarski, Stan116`$60 Each1Allegri, Gus118$60 Each
Frock, DaveLloyd, John
Rivera, JonMartinez, Rich
Villaroman, DaveVautier, Joe
2Hughan, Andrew119$45 Each2Fontaine, Levi118$45 Each
Loux, StuartKuhn, Paul
Macrae, IanSkonovd, Michael
Obeso-Bradley, ChuckStotts, Roy
3Allyn, Marc124$35 Each3Bittick, Steve120$35 Each
Eshagh, BrianBorup, Tom
Ismail, GeorgeScales, Barry
Pavlakis, TonyWrighton, Bill
4Gibson, Dave1254Costa, Al121
Roberts, BudKing, Tim
Scott, DennisStock, Bob
Sera, JeffWall, Doug
5Faux, Dick1285Burke, Steve126
Lacy, DonEshagh, Edvard
O'Connor, DanHerendeen, Craig
Wolf, LarryLiszewski, Rick
6Climent, Gus1306Purifoy, Paul128
Fiance, GlenSoderberg, Jim
Handley, WayneThoben, Michael
Hoppner, WillWarshauer, Jay
7Culler, Larry132
Jablonski, Frank
Lee, Jim
Parmalee, Lonnie

2021 Hamburger Tournament Results

Smoky and SLOW day - should not be 5 hour rounds, even in a tournament.

Couple of integrity First Sub 60 rounds - well done players.

Closest to the pin
#3 Colm Conefery 17'7' Pays $25
#17 Don Lacy, 25'4", Pays $25

Other payouts will be posted soon.
PlaceNamesScorePaid NamesNameScorePaid  PlaceNamesScorePaid
1Conefrey, Colm611Burke, Steve571Lee, Jim59
Costello, MichaelSkonovd, MichaelCuller, Larry
2Hennigan, Pat632Fiance, Glen602Vautier, Joe63
Allegri, GusToffey, TedMartinez, Rich
3Nilan, Dave643Inouye, Dave643Geren, Tom64
Drew, LarryMarquiss, SpenserBorup, Tom
4Hoppner, Will664Perry, Dennis644Pluim, Joel64
Sarratt, GregVahey, SteveLofstrand, Mark

July Sweeps Results

A fun day with the return of the Shotgun start. Appreciate everyone's participation.
Flight 1   Flight 2   
1Allyn, Marc122$60 Each1Allegri, Gus123$60 Each
Augsburger, WayneLloyd, John
Climent, GusMartinez, Rich
Warshauer, JayVautier, Joe
2Burke, Steve125$45 Each2Faux, Dick126$45 Each
Eshagh, BryanLacy, Dan
Herendeen, CraigO'Connor, Dan
Liszewski, RickPeebles, Norm
3Fiance, Glen127$35 Each3Aker, Steve129$35 Each
Handley, WayneKing, Tim
Hoppner, WillStock, Bob
Toffey, TedWall, Doug
Walker, Bill
Closest-To-Hole #7 - Paul Funston 9' 4" $25
Closest-To-Hole #14 - Bryan Eshagh 2' 7" $25

MGC Blind Draw 21 Results

NamesInd PointsTeam PointsPlace  
Toffey, Ted19351st
Craig, Al16$65 ea
Ismail, George23322nd
Bealby, David9$50 ea
Lacy, Don17303rd
Raine, Rod13$45 ea
Jablonski, Frank13294th
Faux, Dick16$40 ea
Villaroman, Dave1128Tie 5th
Augsburger, Wayne17$25 ea
Pavlakis, Tony1628Tie 5th
Hippe, Bill12$25 ea
Warshauer, Jay2027Tie 7th
Burke, Steve7$20 ea
Eshagh, Edvard1427Tie 7th
Pluim, Joel13$20 ea
Closest-To-Hole ContestsWinnings
#14 - Don Lacy 15'3"$25.00
#17 - Al Craig 23'$25.00

2021 PML Club Championship Scores

Congratulations for Steve Grant, defending his title, well done sir!
Masters Fight: Marc Allyn
Senior Flight: Wayne Ausgburger
Super Senior Flight: Frank Jablonski

NameDay 1Day 2TotalPlace
Championship Flight
Steve Grant72771491
Al Conceicao74801542
Larry Drew75801553
John Wilkins82801624
Chris Aissa87841715
Master's Flight
Marc Allyn79791581
Michael Skonovd83811642
Will Hoppner8588173T3
Dave Fernandez8786173T3
Andrew Hughan92911834
Senior Flight
Wayne Augsburger82851671
Pat Hennigan96901862
Super Senior Flight
Frank Jablonski85851701
Wayne Handley85581702
Jim Hassay98931913

Razzle-Dazzle Winners

We had a full field today on a little chilly day! Thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed the competition.

Gold - Closest to the Pin on Hole #3 - Craig Herendeen 4' 10" $25

P/G - Closest To Hole #14 - Stuart Loux 12' 6" $25

Pretty good job on Pace of Play but lots of separation between groups.

1Drew, Larry64$65 ea1Fiance, Glen63$65 ea1Stock, Bob62$65 ea
Fernandez, DaveToffey, TedAker, Steve
2Grant, Steve65$55 ea2Funston, Jeff65$55 ea2McCarthy, Dennis63$55 ea
Raty, ScottHoppner, WillDaly, Patrick
3Conceicao, Al *66$45 ea3Hughan, Andrew66$45 ea3Loux, Stuart *65$45 ea
Fortes, DaveHughan, Tim *Gregory, Leroy
4Allyn, Marc *66$35 ea4Faux, Dick66$35 ea4Hippe, Bill65$35 ea


2021 PML Match Play Championship

We had a small but mighty field this year. Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone that played.

1Will Hoppner$751Rick Higgs$70
2Larry Drew$552Frank Jablonski$50
3Perry Atkins$403Wayne Handley$30
4Marc Allyn$404Pat Hennigan$30


May Sweeps Results

Thanks for coming out and enjoying a great day.

1Wolf, Larry61$60 ea1Miller, Alan61$60 ea1Burke, Steve *66$60 ea
O'Connor, DanMiller, DougHerendeen, Craig
2Allyn, Marc63$50 ea2Handley, Wayne65$50 ea2Vahey, Brian66$50 ea
Funston, JeffCraig, Allen *Lee, Jim
3Berthold, Dave64$40 ea3Wrighton, Bill65$40 ea3Allegri, Gus67$40 ea
Raine, RodBorup, TomLloyd, John
4Drew, Larry *66$30 ea4Fiance, Glen66$30 ea4Hippe, Bill68$30 ea


April Sweeps Results

Final results of the April Sweeps Tournament, thanks for coming out!

1Stan Bednarski56$601Jon Rivera55$60
Larry BensonLevi Fontaine
Will HoppnerJoel Pluim
Dave BealbyPaul Kuhn
2Marc Allyn56$502Dan O'Connor57$50
Gus ClimentDon Lacy
Greg SarrattDick Faux
Tony PavlakisNorm Peebles
3*Larry Drew56$403Glen Fiance59$40
Obeso-Bradley, ChuckWayne Handley
Dave FernandezTed Toffey
Frank JablonskiRod Raine
4Funston, Paul57$304Brian Vahey59$30
Gibson, DaveDennis Perry
Frock, DaveSteve Vahey
D'Souza, BasilSteve Aker


March Sweeps Results

Thanks to all the players on a beautiful day. Special congratulations to Chuck Obeso-Bradley for a lifetime best Gross 72! Well done Chuck.

1Hoppner, Will119$601Hennigan, Pat114$60 ea
Handley, WayneFontaine, Levi
Fiance, GlenRivera, Jon
Warshauer, JayKuhn, Paul
2Bednarski, Stan120$502Dick Faux115$50 ea
Pavlakis, TonyNorm Peebles
Torres, LarryDon Lacy
Villaroman, DaveDan O'Connor
3Sera, Jeff121$303Wall, Doug117$30 ea
Scott, DennisStock, Bob
Roberts, BudBenson, Larry
Butera, MikeAker, Steve


St. Patrick's Day Results

Appreciate everyone coming out in the cold

1Steve Grant125$65.001Dick Faux117$65.00
Jim GrantNorm Peebles
Dan BradleeDan O'Connor
Lance HunterAllen Miller
2Joel Pluim128$55.002Bill Hippe122$55.00
Joe PluimJoe Vautier
Jim MeurerJohn Lloyd
Mitch CaronRich Martinez
3Rod Raine130$45.003Ted Toffey127$45.00
Dave EaganWill Hoppner
Ralph JimenezDave Bealby
Dave BertholdMark Lofstrand
4Greg Sarratt130$35.004Rich Robenseifner128$35.00
Dave FernandezPat Hennigan
Chuck Obeso-BradleyJim Sample
Larry DrewLou Marinacci


2021 Icebreaker Results

Thanks for coming out to the season opening event.

A FLIGHT    B FLIGHT    C Flight    
1Pavlakis, Tony66*$60.001Inouye, Dave65$60.001Lee, Jim64*$60.00
Eshagh, BrianMarquiss, SpencerVahey, Brian
2Sera, Jeff66$50.002Wall, Doug65$50.002Torres, Larry64$50.00
Roberts, BudJablonski, FrankVillaroman, Dave
3Drew, Larry67*$45.003Meister, Chad66*$45.003Robenseifner, Rich66$45.00
Fernandez, DaveMeister, EricMarinacci, Lou
4Conefrey, Colm67*$35.004Hughan, Andrew66$35.004Allegri, Gus67*$35.00
Clausen, BrianHughan, TimHicks, Frank
5Liszewski, Rick67$30.005Hoppner, Will67$30.005Martinez, Rich67$30.00
Climent, GusFiance, GlenVautier, Joe