The Pine Mountain Lake Men’s Golf Club (PMLMGC), is an organization of properly handicapped golfers, that helps improve the quality of play and increases interest and pleasure in playing golf at the Pine Mountain Lake Golf & Country Club. The club is a non-profit organization and is registered with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).All male persons who are currently property owners in the Pine Mountain Lake development or who are employees of the PML Association may become members upon payment of the annual dues of the club. Applications for membership shall be in writing. Current application forms and associated fees are available online (see link on this web page) or by contacting the Handicap/Membership Chairman as identified on the “Officers of the Club” link on this page.

For information about the club’s events throughout the year, visit the “Tournament Info: Forms & Results” link. The “Membership List” link also provides the names and current handicaps of all club members.

PMLMGC is also a member of the Southern Valley Seniors (SVS) golf organization which allows its senior (at/over the age of 50) members to play some of the nicer country club courses in the vicinity. To learn more about SVS, check out that link.

The Board

The Pine Mountain Lake Men’s Golf Club has a seven member board. Click Here  to get more information on the board.


Click Here for a copy of the Pine Mountain Lake Men’s Golf Club bylaws.