2020 Year in Review

As everyone knows, 2020 has been a VERY challenging year.  When this Board began work last September, no one anticipated that we would be faced with a global pandemic, community evacuation, unprecedented smoke from other areas of the State, racial tensions and riots, and the personal challenges that come with dealing with these events.  Suffice it to say, this has been perhaps the most challenging year in the history of our Men’s Golf Club.  But I’m pleased to report that we came through it all with flying colors.

At the beginning of the season, the new Board met for the first time, and had a brainstorming session to discuss three critical topics which were important to the success of our club:

1)         How do we attract more members to our club?

2)         How do we get more members participating in our tournaments?

3)         How do we increase usage of the website?

Even with all of the challenges mentioned above, I can report that we have made tremendous progress on all three of these initiatives.  The entire board rallied together to make sure that we had a successful season, and several new initiatives were introduced to help us achieve our goals.


The first challenge that faced our club was a transition to the new World Handicap System.  We began work on this back in October to understand the new guidelines for posting scores, and to get our roster updated in the new NCGA handicap system.  We worked through the challenges you would expect in every new software system, and were among the first group of clubs to make the transition successfully.  Thanks to Will Hoppner for his leadership here.

We then prepared a new tournament schedule for the 2020 season.  After only one tournament,  we had to suspend play for three and a half months due to the Coronavirus.  Six tournaments were either postponed or cancelled while we waited for the County to reopen golf courses.  Working with the Pro Shop, we were able to implement a new set of rules to ensure the safety of our players, and restart the tournament schedule in early June.  Four of the six cancelled tournaments were added back into the schedule later in the year, resulting in a very full calendar of events.  Thanks to Dave Berthold, Mike Butera, Doug Schmeitt and Mike Cook for leading this effort.

With social distancing becoming the new normal, we had to change every aspect of the social interactions before and after events.  Tournaments that would normally include dinner events were changed to box lunch events and coordinated with the restaurant.  Since we couldn’t gather after a tournament, we also had to come up with a new system of communicating winners of our events.  Since the restart of play, nearly every team tournament has reached our maximum capacity, and our modified meal plan has been warmly received.  Thanks to Chuck Obeso-Bradley for leading much of this effort.

We also needed to change the way we communicate with our members.  The website took a HUGE leap forward in 2020, with much more content to appeal to all members of our club.  Paper sign-ups forms were replaced by online sign-ups and credit card payments.  Announcements and updates are now pushed out to all members via the website and email blasts.  Tournaments results are posted within one day of each event, and Player of the Year standings are updated on a monthly basis.  And now, voting for the 2021 Board is an active button on the home screen of the website.  Many thanks to Dave Bealby and Andrew Hughan for the countless hours spent in making this happen.

And finally, all of these things took place while ensuring the governance and financial health of our club.  As you will see in the update below, the Men’s Golf Club is in a VERY healthy financial position as we head into 2021.  Thanks to Joe Vautier and Steve Burke for their leadership here.


1)    Worked with Mike Cook to attract new members:

        –  new members before December 31st received 2 free lessons

        –  first tournament fee waived for new members if played before May 1

        –  Members who brought in a new member received a sleeve of Pro-V1’s

2)    Attracted several new members to the Club during the season, replacing those members that we lost or who moved away.  Our membership stayed level for the first time in the last 6 years.

3)    Tournament participation has been higher than any of the last 5 years since play resumed in June

4)    Revamped the website, making it the central hub for all member communications

5)    Changed tournament sign-up process to be completely online

6)    Shifted our club to the new World Handicap System, and provided educational snippets at the beginning of the year to educate our members on the new guidelines.

7)    New plaques have been placed in the hallway of the clubhouse honoring our Club Champion, Net Champion, Match Play Champion, Most Improved, and Player of the Year.


I am pleased to report that we are concluding our 2020 business year in a very strong financial position.  As of the end of August, our Men’s Club account balance is $9,278.85.  We also implemented a new credit card processing system, which has simplified cash flow and made refunds easier.  Now, there is no need to chase down players just before tee time who forgot to drop a payment in the box.  So far this year, we have paid out $15,500 in tournament prize money, as well as $1,200 in drink tokens for 7 hole-in-ones.  Congratulations to all of our winners.


I would like to take this time to recognize some Men’s Club members that we lost in 2020.  All of these gentlemen were members of our club for many years, and played in a number of Club events over the years:

–          Glen Awai

–          Ed Edgerton

–          Bob Oakley

–          Tom Connelly


Please keep them in your thoughts and perhaps have a toast to them when we are all able to share a drink again.


As I leave the Board at the end of my three year term, I want to thank all of the Board members who served this year.  As a team, we were faced with one challenge after another in getting the season running.  But everyone on the Board and in the Pro Shop contributed to making this one of our most successful seasons ever.  As a group, we rallied around each challenge, gained consensus on the correct solution for our Club, and then executed to make it happen.  I couldn’t be happier with how this season turned out.

I firmly believe that 2021 will be equally successful, and that the new Board that is put in place following the Business Meeting tournament will meet all of your expectations.

Stay healthy my friends, and I will see you on the course!

Warmest Regards,

Glen Fiance

PMLMGC President


The Pine Mountain Lake Men’s Golf Club (PMLMGC), is an organization of properly handicapped golfers, that helps improve the quality of play and increases interest and pleasure in playing golf at the Pine Mountain Lake Golf & Country Club. The club is a non-profit organization and is registered with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).

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For information about the club’s events throughout the year, visit the “Tournament Schedule” link. The “Membership Information” link provides information for club members.