August Shamble

Happy August golfers. Going to be warm for golf so Mike, as always, asks us to keep up the pace of play.
9 a.m. shotgun, bring your water.
Berthold, Dave
Roberts, Bud
Scott, Dennis
Sera, Jeff
Toffey, Ted
Pluim, Joel
Allyn, Marc
Raine, Rod
Torres, Larry
Bednarski, Stan
Rebiskie, Ben
Hoppner, Will
Sarratt, Greg
Handley, Wayne
Craig, Allen
Purifoy, Paul
Eshagh, Edvard
Liszewski, Rick
Herendeen, Craig
Burke, Steve
Johnson, Dennis
Wall, Doug
Trejo, Ed
Stock, Bob
Vahey, Steve
Perry, Dennis
Culler, Larry
Parisi, Joe
Martinez, Rich
Vautier, Joe
O'Connor, Dan
Lloyd, John
Kuhn, Paul
Fontaine, Levi
Allegri, Gus
Butera, Mike
Brown, Cary
Borup, Tom
Scales, Barry
Bittick, Steve

Wed. Aug. 16 – 9 a.m. SHOTGUN

$25 a player

Choose the best drive, then each player plays their own ball from there to the finish of the hole.

Please check for teams and tee assignments 48 hours prior to the tournament. 

Players in the same group MAY play from different tees (Gold or Purple/Green Combo).  When registering, players MUST select the tee they want to play from.  NOTE: If you qualify for, and select the Purple/Green Combo Tees, your handicap will go down by a minimum of 4 strokes. Example: If your index is 18.7; you will be a 19 handicap from the Gold Tees. If you choose to play from the Purple/Green Combo Tees you will be a 15 handicap. Choose wisely, as last-minute tee changes WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. 

You may bring a guest. Your Non-Member guest must have a current Golf Handicap Index Number (GHIN) listed in the space provided.

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