Wed. Aug. 18, 9 a.m.

$80 Per Team

Fri. Aug. 13 – Please register and pay by the deadline. Late entries risk not being able to play in the event.

Summer Shamble 4 Man, 2 Best Balls

Tee times will be posted 48 hours prior to the tournament.

New For 2021 – Players in the same group MAY play from different tees (Gold or Purple/Green Combo).  When registering, players MUST select the tee they want to play from.  NOTE: If you qualify for, and select the Purple/Green Combo Tees, your handicap will go down by a minimum of 4 strokes. Example: If your index is 18.7; you will be a 19 handicap from the Gold Tees. If you choose to play from the Purple/Green Combo Tees you will be a 15 handicap. Last minute tee changes WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  

You may bring a guest. Your Non-Member guest must have a current Golf Handicap Index Number (GHIN) listed in the space provided below. 

If you want to play from the Purple / Green Combo you must be over 70 years old OR have a GHIN of 18.9 or higher.