Men's Club April Sweeps Results

Well done gentlemen in a chilly morning in the foothills. A three way tie for 59, alas just second place.

Closest to the pin for $25 Each
#3 - Rod Raine 7'6"
#7 - George Ismail 10' 10"
#14 - Bryan Eshagh 8'
#17 - Doug Ludolph 9' 9"

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1Allyn, Marc58$50 Each
Gregg, David
Ismail, George
Sarratt, Greg
2Eshagh, Bryan59$40 Each
Ossapour, Ramsin
Pavalkis, Tony
Youkhaneh, Manuel
2Berthold, Dave59$35 Each
Roberts, Bud
Scott, Dennis
Sera, Jeff
2Bealby, Dave59$25 Each
Johnson, Dennis
Shehorn, Charlie
Stock, Bob
3Allegri, Gus60
Faux, Dick
Lacy, Don
Peebles, Norm
3King, Tim60
Scales, Barry
Vahey, Brian
Vahey, Steve
4Handley, Wayne61
Hoppner, Will
Raine, Rod
Toffey, Ted
5Burke, Steve62
Eshagh, Edvard
Herendeen, Craig
Liszewski, Rick
6Higgs, Rick63
Ludolph, Doug
Martinez, Rich
Vautier, Joe
7Hennigan, Pat66
Hughan, Andrew
Loux, Stuart
Purifoy, Paul