Player of the Year – 2020

Congratulations to Ted Toffey for winning Player of the Year in 2020.  It was a very close race right up until the end, with four players having a shot at the title during the Turkey Shoot. It was a battle of attrition, as Ted was the only player in the Top 4 who placed in the tournament.
Winning Player of the Year takes commitment and focus for the entire year.  In order to crack the Top 20, you need to:
– Play in the vast majority of tournaments
– Consistently place in the Top 4 teams at most of the tournaments.
Congratulations to everyone who participated this year.  We expect next year’s race to be even closer.
Toffey Ted 195
Bealby David 179
Herendeen Craig 175
Burke Steven 175
Handley Wayne 174
Vautier Joe 153
Climent Gus 150
Sarratt Greg 149
Hoppner William 141
Eshagh Edvard 132
Allyn Marc 129
Fiance Glen R 128
Martinez Richard 124
Wrighton Bill 115
Bittick Steven 114
Wall Doug 112
Sera Jeff 112
Craig Allen 111
Drew Larry 110
Saisi Al 109
Scales Barry 107
Liszewski Rick 104
Perry Dennis, Sr. 104
Fernandez Dave 101
Warshauer Jay 100
Obeso-Bradley Charles 100