202 Icebreaker Results

A great turnout for the kickoff tournament of the year. A stunning day in the foothills and we hope everyone enjoyed the golf, weather and fellowship. Thanks to all that stayed at the Grill for a little while afterword rot toast each other and friends gone! The Men's Club will be handing out prizes at the end of several tournament this year but you must be present to win, Looking at you Michael S who misroute out on a prize!

One of the changes we made this year was put money for each of the four Par 3s regardless of tees. Our $25 winners were

#3 - Marc Allyn, 11 3/4" (yup, less than foot!)
#7 - Dave Fernandez, 6'10"
#14 - Tony Pavkakis, 6' 3 1/2"
#17 - Anthony Martin, 14' 3"

Thank you to everyone for a good pace of play!

Next up, St. Patrick's Day 4-Man on March 12, sign up on the website.
1Funston, Gary61$501Conefrey, Colm58$501Higgs, Rick61$50
Funston, PaulMcEvoy, VinceVautier, Joe
2Climent, Gus62$402Craig, Al62$402Petkewich, John62$40
Hoppner, WillHandley, WayneStock, Bob
3Allyn, Marc645$353Bealby, Dave63$353Hippe, Bill64*$35
Funston, JeffRaine, RodLloyd, John
4Allegri, Gus64*$304Gregg, David64*$304Pluim, Joel64$30
O'Connor, DanSarratt, GregLofstrand, Mark
5Martin, Anthony65$255Borup, Tom64$255Henderson, Randy64$25
Wilkins, JohnWrighton, BillMcDowell, Gene
6Drew, Larry66$206Hughan, Andrew64$206Perry, Dennis65$20
Fernandez, DaveHughan, TimVahey, Steve
Sera, Jeff66*Burke, Steve65Brebner, Todd66
Roberts, BudSkonovd, MichaelKrisa, Jeff
Aissa, Chris67Fiance, Glen65Bittick, Steve67
Hanak, KirkToffey, TedScales, Barry
Eshagh, Bryan67Faux, Dick65Gregory, Leroy67
Youkhaneh, ManuelLacy, DonLoux, Stuart
Rivera, Jon68Hennigan, Pat66Lee, James67
Villaroman, DavePavlakis, TonyVargas, Uriel
Bednarski, Stan69Geren, Tom66Fontaine, Levi70
Torres, LarryMeister, EricKuhn, Paul
Liszewski, Rick66
Eshagh, Edvard
Butera, Mike69
Warshauer, Jay