2021 Business Meeting Open

Fun day in perfect PML weather.

Pace of play was way too slow, 5 hours? Please keep up with the group ahead, not the group behind.

Closest to the pin:
Gold, Gus Climent, 27'8" Paid $25
P/G, Brenden Frost, 4'1 1/2" Paid $25

Next up October Sweeps, Oct 6.

Fairways and Greens!
Flight 1   Flight 2          
1Sarratt, Greg62$65 ea1Kuhn, Paul59$65 ea
Climent, GusFontaine, Levi
2O'Connor, Dan63$50 ea2Burke, Steve62$50 ea
Lacy, DonHerendeen, Craig
3Conefrey, Colm65$40 ea3Vautier, Joe62$40 ea
Frost, BrendanMartinez, Rich
4Allyn, Marc65$25 ea4Frock, Dave62$25 ea
Fiance, GlenAker, Steve
5Nilan, Dave655Robenseifner, Rich63
Drew, LarrySample, Jim
6Perry, Dennis666Hughan, Andrew63
Vahey, SteveLoux, Stuart
7Jordan, Tim687Stock, Bob67
Bealby, DaveHiggs, Rick
8Hoppner, Will698Culler, Larry70
Toffey, TedLee, Jim
9Hennigan, Pat719Faux, Dick74
Jablonski, FrankPeebles, Norm