Gentlemen — We are evaluating the tournament formats for 2022 and would like your input. Please take a look at the proposed tournaments and formats below and tell us your most and least favorite formats and we will see if there are any changes that need to be revised. Voting is below. Please choose four (4) from each list.

Thanks very much. PMLMGC Board and the Golf Shop.

Golf Tournament Formats: 

  1. 2-man 1 Better ball – The best single score between both players is written down.
  2. 4-man, 2 Better balls – The best 2 scores between 4 players are written down.
  3. 2-man Scramble – Players choose the best shot of all players on every shot
  4. 4-man Scramble – Players choose the best shot of all players on every shot
  5. 4-man Cha Cha Cha – Hole 1: Best score of the 4 players, Hole 2: Best 2 scores, Hole 3: Best 3 scores. Then repeat after that. (Don’t use best 4 scores on 4th hole)
  6. Match Play – Can be net or gross score. Winning is determined by most holes won.
  7. Razzle/Dazzle – 2-man Better ball for 6 holes / Scramble for 6 holes / Scotch for 6 holes
  8. Gross score – Handicaps are not used. Lowest score wins.
  9. 2-man blind draw – Players post their individual score. A blind draw at the end
    determines one’s partner. The two scores are a cumulative score in the end.
  10. 4-man 2 Best Balls Shamble – All players choose the best drive after teeing off. Then they
    play their own golf balls from that position into the hole. 2 balls are counted.
  11. 2-man, alternate shot, Chapman – Both players tee off. They switch and hit each
    other’s drives. Then they choose which ball they play after their 2nd shots. From there they
    alternate shots and play only 1 ball.
  12. Stableford – Is a single player format determined by points scored, not actual score.
    Example: An eagle would be 5 points, birdie 2 points, par 1 point, bogie 0 points (No
    negative scores are counted)
  13. Orange Ball – A team event in which one of the four balls the team members are playing
    is orange. The player with the orange ball plays that ball and records his own score while the other three member of the team play a traditional scramble. The orange ball rotates among the team members, changing after each hole.
  14. Par 3 Tournament – All the holes are par 3’s with difficult pin placements. Format TBD.