Date Title Format
Sat., 22nd February, 11am IceBreaker 2-man Better Ball
Sat/Sun, 6th – 7th June, 9:30am tee time Club Championship  Gross Score All Flights
Sat., 13th June, 9:30am tee times MatchPlay Match Play Tournament, 1st round
Wed,. 24th June, 9:30am tee times June Wednesday Sweeps 2 man teams
Wed. July 8th, 9:30 tee times July Wednesday Sweeps 4-man, 2 best balls, Purple/Green
Wed., 15th July, 9:30 tee times Blind Draw 2-man teams
Sat/Sun, 25th and 26th July, 9:30am tee times NCGA Net Championship  Individual Net score from the Gold Tees
Sat.,  8th August, 9:30am tee times Hamburger 2-Man Front Better Ball, back Scramble
Wed., 19th August, 9:30am tee times Summer Shamble 4-man, 2 Best Ball
Sat., 29th August, 9:30am tee times  Razzle / Dazzle 2-man, holes 1-6 Best Ball; 7-12 Scramble; 13-18 Scotch
Sat., 19th September, 9:30am tee times Business Meeting 2-man teams, 1 BB
Sat., 26th September, 10am tee times (RESCHEDULED) Italian 4-man scramble
Wed., 7th October, 9:30am tee times October Wednesday Sweeps 4 man Scramble, Purple/Green
Sat., October 17th, 11:00am tee times St. Patrick’s in October 4 man Scramble alternating tees
Sat., 31st October, 9:30am tee times Halloween Shootout 2 man, Alternate shot (Chapman)
Wed., 11th November, 11:30 Veteran’s Day Memorial Tournament 4 person scramble
Sat., 14th November, 11am tee times Turkey Shoot 4-man teams, 2 best ball